Chef Guided Tours of the Market

Last winter, in an effort to provide a new experience to our guests, we tried our hands at offering tours of the market.  They were a hit and so, Karen Anderson of Calgary Food Tours will be offering a whole new round this year, starting Saturday, May 25th.  If you’re an adventurous person, if you’re new to Calgary or just visiting, if you and your friends are looking for a new way to explore the city and spend time together, or even if you’re looking for a unique gift, then you will love these tours.  The tours of the market are usually limited to 12 to 15 guests so that the atmosphere remains intimate and the chefs can provide an one-on-one experience.

Guests will join either chef Judy Wood, Pierre Lamielle, or a SAIT Culinary Instructor on a guided tour of the backbone of the Calgary Farmer’s Market: its farmers and ranchers.  You’ll learn the background of what it takes for each of these vendors to bring their produce to market each week and taste samples as you tour.  At each stop your chef leader will see what’s on offer and give you suggestions of how to pick the best and what to do with it once you get it home in the kitchen.

You’ll recieve a welcome gift, a coupon from the Calgary Farmer’s Market, product samples, and tastings as you tour.  A small meal at the end of the tour is also provided, and  an e-booklet of Market recipe ideas from Calgary Food Tours owner, Karen Anderson.

Buy tickets to the upcoming tour on Saturday, May 25th from 9 – 11am with Pierre Lamielle

*To buy tickets to other upcoming dates, please see the links below.

Judy Wood, Tour Guide

“I received my Grand Diplome from L’École de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris. I began my career with the Four Seasons Hotel in Calgary, was a pastry chef at the David Wood Food Shop in Toronto, Head Chef at Buchanan’s Chop House, creative director and executive chef for Sunterra Food group and received a Woman of Vision Award in 1999. I now have my own business called Meez Fast Home Cuisine. I’ve contributed to many cookbooks and travel to France and Italy each year with The Cookbook Co. Cooks to teach the regional cuisines of Southern France and Tuscany. I am thrilled to work with Karen helping her with tours of Calgary Farmer’s Market where we focus on connecting local consumers with local growers.”

Current Culinary Fascination: Opening minds to new food experiences and reconnecting our guests with the Joy of Eating.

Pierre Lamielle, Tour Guide

“I am a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City and the Capilano College Graphic Design and Illustration program. My book Kitchen Scraps: a Humourous Illustrated Cookbook won the prestigious World Gourmand best Illustrated Cookbook award in 2009. I also own Food on Your Shirt Design Company with my partner Candace Bergman. I write for Avenue magazine and appear frequently on Breakfast TV. It’s really fun for me to introduce our Calgary Food Tours guests to the great food ranchers and growers of the Calgary Farmer’s Market. I’m also looking forward to hosting some of Calgary Food Tours evening “supper club” tours with my partner Candace. It’ll be a way to fit a date night into our busy schedule.”

Current Culinary Fascination: My new book project called Alice Eats Wonderland with my friend, Julie Van Rosendaal.

To buy tickets for the 2013 Chef Guided Tours of the Calgary Farmers’ Market, click on the dates below:

Saturday, June 22ndCANCELLED

Saturday, July 20th: 9 – 11am with Pierre Lamielle

Saturday, August 11th: Innisfail Growers Tour

Saturday, August 24th: 9 – 11am with Pierre Lamielle

Saturday, September 14th: 9 – 11am with a SAIT Culinary Instructor

Saturday, Septebmer 28th: 9 – 11am with a SAIT Culinary Instructor

Saturday, October 12th: 9 – 11am with a SAIT Culinary Instructor

Saturday, October 26th: 9 – 11am with Judy Wood

2 thoughts on “Chef Guided Tours of the Market

  1. It’s always fun to visit the farmer’s market but it’s an incredible bonding and community building insight to join one of our (still hilariously fun) Chef Guided Tours of the market. Learning how dedicated our food producers are makes you want to be dedicated to them in return. Mutual reciprocity makes for a strong and hugely enjoyable food system for Calgary to enjoy for now and always. Plus we get to taste so many yummy things and get inspired by our chef guides and all the ideas they share. They are charming and fun to hang out with too.
    I hope we get to share our tours with lots of visitors and farmer’s market regulars this growing season.
    Many thanks to The Calgary Famer’s Market for this great partnership.
    See you at the market soon.
    Karen Anderson,
    Owner of Calgary Food Tours

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I’m so happy to share this lovely blog about the tours my company Calgary Food Tours Inc is doing at The Calgary Farmer’s Market. I am fortunate to have lots of talented chef friends and two of my favourites, Pierre Lamielle and Judy Wood agreed to work with me and lead the weekend tours. Check out this great video Telus TV made with Judy talking about our goals. You can just see her passion and I hope people will see how much fun it is to go to the market with a great chef.
    I hope we have a wonderful year of connecting Calgary and all the visitors to our city with the Taste of Alberta our food growers can offer them.
    Alberta Tastes Great.
    See you at the Market

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