Around the Table… with Market Seafood

If you think all fish tastes the same, then you haven’t had Brian’s seafood.  He offers some of the freshest and most flavorful fish we’ve ever eaten, which is saying a lot in our land-locked province. He has a wide variety of seafood, both fresh and frozen, to choose from and if you aren’t exactly sure how to season or cook what you’ve picked up, just ask Brian, he’s a chef!

How did this all start for Market Seafood?

I realized I didn’t want to work 16 hours a day working in my own restaurant so I sold it and got into the seafood business.  And that’s how Blu Seafood was born, 8 years ago. Now we’ve rebranded as Market Seafood and our only location is here at the Calgary Farmers’ Market.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the CFM family?

We all know each other, we work as a close team to make the market a better place, for ourselves and for our customers.

What’s your favorite item that you produce? Why?

Ahi Tuna.  I have it all year long and it’s so easy to cook.  It takes 2 minutes preparation and 2 minutes cooking.  It’s beautiful and it’s always good.

Do you have a go-to recipe that highlights that item?

I do. It’s very simple.  Just salt, pepper, olive oil and grill.  We have it on a recipe card that people can take home with them.

Three quick tips that you want to share with market guests?

1. In preparing fish: Keep it simple. Don’t over season or spice.

2. In cooking fish: Don’t over cook your fish.

3. In buying fish: Always buy fresh.  If it smells, you shouldn’t buy it.  Never be afraid to ask to smell the fish before you purchase it.

Words of Wisdom you live by:

Live every day and be thankful for every day that you get.

What’s your favorite thing to eat in the market that’s not from your booth?

I really like the chicken sausage from Missing Link Extraordinary Sausage.  My granddaughter just loves the honey chicken.

If you could be a fish, what would you be?

Oh…. go away, no I’m not answering that one.  I’d be the Big Fish!

I think that’s a lot like the Big Cheese 🙂

Brian Big FIsh


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