Around the Table… with Frank & Mabel

Yuval and Family
Yuval & Sandy (with their cute girls)…. or as we love to call them Frank & Mabel.

Some things just go together. Like peanut butter and jam, milk and cookies, steak and rosemary…. They strike a chord, transport you back to your childhood, delight your taste buds. We made a take on the classic apple pie with our insanely Easy Apple Turnovers, so why not pair them with a local gelato to create your own take on apple pie and ice cream. We sat down with Yuval of Frank & Mabel’s to get the inside scoop.

How did this all start for Frank & Mabel’s?

I was doing environmental engineering for 15 years and decided I needed a change. I had some ideas in my head and we came up with the concept of Frank & Mabel’s. We wanted to do all local, so I went to try all of the sausage and hot dog makers in Calgary and then I did the same thing with gelato. I found the best in Calgary and brought it to the market.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the CFM family?

I was a customer first and I always imagined how great it would be to have a business here. I love the market atmosphere because of the people, the customers and vendors alike are tremendous.

What’s your favorite item that you offer? Why?

I personally really like the Caprese hot dog. It’s refreshing and light, it’s something different.

Do you have a favorite hot dog add-on?

The caramelized onions, they’re killer.

Three quick tips that you want to share with market guests?

1. Come early.

2. Ask questions.

3. To get your kid out of the play area, entice them with a $1 kids cone!

Sneaky! that’s a good one.

Words of Wisdom you live by:

I work to live.

What’s your favorite thing to eat in the market that’s not from your booth?

Ooooh I like Big T’s brisket breakfast sandwich with potato salad…. and bbq sauce. That’s bbq right there! I spent time in Memphis and this sandwich takes me back.

If you could be a flavor of gelato, what would you be?

Chocolate cherry!

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