Cheap Eats at the Market

It’s never a bad idea to be economical, particularly when times are tight. And it makes sense to keep your hard-earned dollars in your community, growing stronger together. We wanted to share a list of only some of the items you can enjoy at the market for $5 and under!

Edgar Farms’ Peas at Innisfail Growers: $5

Find them on the SE Perimeter across from Fratello Analog Cafe

Gluten, Nut, Dairy Free & Vegan Chocolate Macaroons from Delissitude: $5

Find them in Aisle 4 beside Gull Valley Greenhouses

A bowl of homemade soup from Stock & Sauce Co.: $5

Find them in Food Court.  (Pictured: Thai Chicken Soup)

Samosas from Shef’s Fiery Kitchen: $2.75 each 

Find them in the Food Court

3-Bite and Full Size Doughnuts at Jelly Modern: $2.25 & $2.75

Find them in the Food Court

Seasoned British-Chip-Style Fries from Wild Fire Wings: $4.50

Find them in the Food Court. (Pictured: Dill Pickle Fries)

Jacket Potatoes from Frank & Mabel’s Gourmet Hot Dog: $4.50

Find them in the Food Court. (Pictured: MexiCali Blues)

Maple Butter Cones from Taste of Quebec: $2

Find them in Aisle 4 beside Gull Valley Greenhouses

Fresh pasta for 2 from Soffritto: $5

Find them in Aisle 3. (Pictured: approximately 500g of fresh pasta)

Fresh pizza dough-to-go from Soffritto: $3

Find them in Aisle 3

Assorted Nuts, Dried Fruit, & Granola Bars from Going Nuts: $3-5 

Find them at the end of Aisle 3

Better Popsicles from Cherry Pit-to-Go: $5

Find them at the end of Aisle 4. (Pictured: Chocolate Avocado Strawberry)

Assorted Seasonal Berries from Cherry Pit: $5/pint

Find them on the West Perimeter

Daily Bagel from Wayne’s Bagels: $3.75 (or grab the Daily Bagel & Coffee combo for $5)

Find them at the end of Aisle 4

Personal-Sized Cones of Candy from Scoop: approximately $3-4

Find them in Aisle 2

We wouldn’t dream of ruling out your beloved companion! Doggie treat bags from Bon A-Pet-Treat: $4.99

Find them at the end of Aisle 2

Halibut Skewers, Salmon Burgers, Crab Cakes (and oysters!): $3-5 each

Find them in Aisle 1

Simple Simon Pies, sweet and savory: $3-5

Find them on the NE Perimeter

Belgian-Style White Beer & Pommies Farmhouse Cider from J. Webb Market Wines: $5/can

Find them in the Big Red Wine Quonset in our NE Parking Lot


5 Things to Do with Kids at the Market

School’s out and summer is in full swing! Wondering what to do with your energetic kids? We have some different activities to entertain and educate little ones, and some budget-friendly options too!

Here are 5 great ways to spend time at the market with, and without!, them this summer.

Kids’ Garden Club with Poppy Innovations

Poppy Kids Garden Club

In our first ever unparented class at the market, you can drop your darlings off to be part of the Cre*Ate Garden Club for Kids (and go shopping by yourself!) every Thursday morning from 10:00-11:30am.

Young ones aged 4 to 12 learn how to sow, grow, harvest and prepare their own food. Activities will be lead by Poppy Innovations joined by various vendors at the Market and guest presenters from Agrium. Your child will be involved in cultivating our planter garden to learn all about plants, nutrition needed for healthy plants and healthy bodies, preparing nutritious child-friendly recipes with fresh produce, games and other activities to inspire children’s natural curiosity to try new vegetables and fruit.

For more class information and to register, visit our events page.

PlaYoga with Wee Wild Ones

Wee Wild Ones PlaYoga

Finish a busy week or kick off an early weekend with some morning fun, learning, and physical activity with our second unparented class at the market. Kids 2-5 years old will play games, do fun animal and theme-based yoga, dance to groovy music, draw, create art, and learn with Wee Wild Ones every Friday morning from 9-11am.

For more class information and to register, visit our events page.

Barnyard Kids Play Area

BarnYard Play Area

Whether it’s a little too rainy or scorching hot, our indoor Barn Yard Kids Play Area is a great place for kids to burn off some of that energy. With a separate section for the littler guys and a climb-slide-dodge-giggle-hop area for the bigger kids, there’s plenty of free fun to be had. Located in our food court, it’s a perfect place to grab a bite together too!

*The Barn Yard Kids Area is an unsupervised play zone; parents must be present. Height Restriction of 48″ in effect.

Face Painting

Exclaim Entertainment is painting up a storm and making kids happy all weekend long! A talented team of artists can paint little faces (just when you thought they couldn’t get cuter), do glitter and airbrush tattoos, and hair feathers too. They are conveniently located right next to the Barn Yard Kids Play Area.

Get Spotted!


Take your kids on a journey through Alberta’s food on a (free!) self-guided tour through the market. Taste samples of local goodies, learn where their food comes from, and get to know your farmers and artisans.

Stop by Customer Information and pick up one of our new “I love my Farmers’ Market” buttons. If kids are randomly spotted wearing their button proudly, they could be rewarded with a market treat!

We hope you enjoy spending time at the Calgary Farmers’ Market with your friends and family. Check out our events page for all of the fun things happening this summer.