Located just off of Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive, the Calgary Farmers’ Market, was built to be family friendly and a dynamic place for community engagement.  With over 80 vendors supplying customers with fresh local produce, art, meat, poultry, international food, organic goods , jewelry and more.  Beyond the amazing vendors, the market also features a stunning glass atrium, a large, eclectic food court, free standing fireplaces, stroller parking, an interactive children’s play area, larger aisles, and extensive free parking all around the building.  The new location has been a great success with about 20,000 people visiting every week.  We are glad to see lots of new faces from our new neighborhood and many familiar faces coming every week to enjoy the local food and products.  Come visit us this week and take the farm home with you!

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  1. I’m moving to Alberta soon and I’m so excited to come and check out the Calgary Farmers market. From all the vendors, pictures, and fabulous blog writing I’m hungry and can’t wait to sample so amazing food. Thank you to my realtor Tim for introducing me to your blog site. 😃

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